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Based in Cleveland, Moscarino & Treu LLP is a boutique civil trial firm representing Ohio businesses, employers, and professionals in a range of litigation matters, including breach of contract actions, workers' compensation disputes, and malpractice defense. Our litigation success is the product of decades of experience, an ability to develop efficient and cost-effective trial strategies, and an overarching commitment to excellence. Our primary practice areas include:

Business Litigation

When a business faces litigation, experienced legal representation is vital to ensuring the company's rights and assets are protected. Moscarino & Treu LLP has successfully represented even the most discerning corporate clients, including securities firms and commercial, banking, and financial institutions, in a range of complex cases involving issues such as securities fraud and financial improprieties. In many cases, business litigation arises from allegations of breach of contract and various business torts.

  • Breach of Contract - A contract, whether written or oral, lies at the heart of every business transaction. When that contract is breached, the non-breaching party may be entitled to recover for the direct and consequential damages of that action, force the other party to perform, or seek other appropriate remedies. There are, however, defenses to a breach of contract action, and specific rules apply to determine what type of evidence is allowed to prove the validity or proper interpretation of the contract. We have significant experience representing clients involved in contract disputes, and can help businesses assert their contractual rights.
  • Business Torts - Not all business disputes are contract-based. Claims of fraud and other civil wrongs can result in liability extending beyond the compensatory measure of damages in a breach of contract dispute, including punitive damage awards in applicable situations. Examples of business torts include fraud, defamation, negligent misrepresentation, unfair business practices, deceptive trade practices, and the improper use of intellectual property assets, such as copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. We have experience prosecuting and defending business tort actions, always working to protect and advance our clients' interests.

Our attorneys understand that litigation can negatively impact a business' resources and goodwill in the industry, and take valuable attention away from its core operations. Therefore, no matter the issue at hand, we work to resolve litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible while never losing sight of our clients' best possible outcome.

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Professional Liability Defense

Our firm provides exceptional defense representation to health care providers, attorneys, law firms, accountants, and other professionals facing malpractice claims. Our experience includes:

  • Medical malpractice defense, including defense of hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers
  • Defense of claims involving misuse of or allegedly defective medical devices
  • Products liability defense
  • Defense of personal injury claims involving serious and catastrophic injuries
  • Legal malpractice defense, including representation of individual attorneys and major law firms in claims alleging incompetence, lack of sufficient attention, and other negligence
  • Accounting malpractice, including claims involving large financial losses

Successfully defending against a professional malpractice claim often requires litigating the underlying matter as well as the issue of liability. With decades of combined experience across the spectrum of civil torts, the attorneys at Moscarino & Treu LLP have the knowledge and legal skill to substantiate a complete defense against allegations of malpractice, always with the goal of minimizing the impact of such claims on our clients' careers, goodwill in the community, and future success.

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