Joanne C. Hanko


Joanne Hanko, RN, has over 28 years experience as a Nurse Paralegal/Medical Analyst in the work-up of a variety of medical-legal issues including complex medical malpractice litigation, and pharmaceutical, toxic tort, and medical device class action lawsuits, as well as litigation arising from the 9/11 terrorist activity.

Joanne worked in a variety of clinical nursing settings, including Medical and Surgical Intensive Care/Stepdown, Coronary Care Unit, Orthopedics, Neurosurgical Intensive Care/Stepdown, Oncology, Emergency Medicine, Outpatient Clinics, and Medical/Surgical. She was a PRN clinical instructor at the Huron Road Hospital School of Nursing. In June 2013, she received an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies through the International School of Ministries.